Cloud Phone Features Overview

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. VoIP Express offers a comprehensive suite of cloud phone features designed to not only streamline operations but also elevate customer interactions. Our cutting-edge solutions empower businesses with enhanced connectivity and seamless communication. From advanced call management to integrated messaging, explore how our virtual phone features can transform the way you connect and collaborate.

Voip Extensions


Users connect to the VoIP Express PBX through extensions, and each extension can have multiple devices connected to it. These devices will ring in parallel when someone calls the extension, so a person can pick up the call on the device that suits him or her best. Each extension can have its own time zone, language, ringtone, address book and much, much more. Extensions may have administrative permissions; for example, for managing the central address book or for barging into calls. For each extension, working hours can be established and users can manually place them in do-not-disturb mode. There are many ways for redirecting calls.


Each extension comes with a mailbox so callers can leave messages. These messages can be shared in a group, moved to other mailboxes; users can also leave comments for mailbox messages. The PBX can also receive FAX messages and then send them to the user’s email address, and FAX can be sent from the user’s front end. Messages can be escalated to managers when the user is unable to retrieve it in time. The PBX can use the Google speech API to convert mailbox messages into text; these messages can then be sent to the user’s cell phone as a preview of the message.

Voip Mailbox
Voip Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant

The auto attendant helps incoming callers find the right party for the call. Callers can use their keyboard to enter extension numbers or search the company directory by name. There are several ways to redirect incoming calls, based on time of call, and to present different announcements. A selection of pre-recorded announcements makes it easy to announce shortcut numbers, for example, for sales or support departments.


Simple hunt groups call a list of extensions up and escalate calls based on simple time rules. Groups can have their own ring melody and display the group name on phones, making which group is being called easy to discern. When necessary, users can be called on their cell phones when a call reaches a hunt group.

Voip Groups
Voip Call Centre

Call Centre

For more sophisticated call distribution, the Voip Express PBX comes with agent groups which are equipped to handle higher call volumes and sequentially distribute calls. While waiting, the PBX can play announcements and mix these announcements with music on the fly. Users can receive a call back when it’s their turn, instead of holding. Agents can log in and out of the queues, and managers can see service level measurements like speed of answer. For outbound calls, lists of numbers-to-be-dialed can be uploaded into the ACD; the PBX can then dial those numbers automatically and distribute them to an agent, or the agents can use a code to dial the next number on the list. Virtual offices benefit from separate DID: each can have its own name and voice announcement. Calls can be recorded inside the PBX or sent to external recording devices.


Sometimes more than two people need to talk, and the VoIP Express PBX can mix multiple audio channels in spontaneous conference calls or in scheduled conferences. When setting up a conference, the PBX sends calendar events to the invited participants and, if needed, calls the conference participants into the conference. Rapid response conferences can be commenced when one of the participants calls into the conference room.

Voip Conferences
Voip Paging


The PBX comes with extensive paging features that can be used with standard desktop phones and with overhead speaker equipment; it supports live paging and recorded announcements. Predefined pages can be triggered by events – for example, when a user calls an emergency number or when a group receives a call. Using the Google text to speech API, arbitrary texts can be sent to paging accounts through the API or from the app text interface. There are rules about which extension may do this.

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