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A Simple and Affordable VoIP Phone System

With VoIP Express, you can transform your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs into a comprehensive VoIP Phone System. This versatile solution offers a wide array of features, including:

  • Call forwarding,
  • Voicemail,
  • and Video Conferencing.

These functionalities enhance flexibility & facilitate collaboration in business. VoIP Allows you the freedom to work whenever and wherever you need to.

reliable and cost-effective VoIP solution
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Why Choose VoIP Phones

Small business owners love VoIP phone systems for their big savings, easy-to-change setups, and lots of cool features like being able to forward calls and use virtual numbers.

Plus, you can make calls from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection, making work more flexible and helping serve customers better. With VoIP fitting business needs and budgets so well, it’s no wonder it’s become a top pick for keeping in touch with customers and staff.


VoIP Express turns any mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PC into a office phone which can be used anywhere, anytime.

  • Laptop & PC, tablet
  • SIP VoIP devices
  • Mobile devices

Business caller-ID

Even calls forwarded from a desk phone are identified on individual devices. These calls remain separate from employees’ private numbers.

  • Convenience
  • Privacy
  • Accessibility

Business hours

VoIP systems can be configured to have different settings for business hours and non-business hours.

  • No early-morning or late-night calls
  • VoIP phones remain unaffected
  • Calls outside office hours go straight to individual voicemails

Data ownership

With VoIP Express, your company data remains on your server, not on your employees’ devices. Data such as call records, text messages and address book entries aren’t stored in client devices. If an employee leaves the company, the data stays with your organisation.

  • Data remains on your server
  • SMS/MMS included
  • Retain call records and address book entries


VoIP Express can be integrated with a wide range of other business systems and software to enhance their functionality and streamline communication.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software
  • Email and calendar systems
  • Project management software
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Social media platforms


VoIP Express software supports multimedia messaging from employee smartphones. The user front end includes an instant message tool, which allows users to send and receive text and multimedia messages using their VoIP phone number

  • SMS & MMS to and from employee smartphones
  • Built-in instant messaging
  • No need to rely on third-party messaging apps

Upgrade your communication strategy with our VoIP Phone System

– a cutting-edge solution that empowers your devices to become powerful business phones. Embrace a new era of connectivity, productivity, and flexibility through a host of advanced features designed to elevate your business communication.

Understanding VoIP Analytics

VoIP analytics is a valuable tool for small businesses in Brisbane. It helps them gain insights into customer interactions, call volumes, and call quality. This data empowers informed decisions, improves communication strategies, and enhances customer service.

Whether identifying peak call times, monitoring performance, or tracking customer call duration, VoIP analytics boosts operational efficiency and delivers a superior customer experience, making businesses more competitive in Brisbane.

VoIP Express virtual phone system Reports demonstrate

What Can You Learn from VoIP Phone System Call Analytics?

By keeping an eye on call analytics, you can gain a better understanding of how your customers and clients interact with your business over the phone. This information can be used to make improvements and enhance various aspects of your business.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction:

    With call analytics, you can respond to customer needs more effectively, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

  • Retain More Customers:

    Identifying trends in customer communication helps you address issues proactively, reducing customer turnover.

  • Ensure Call Quality:

    VoIP call analytics helps you spot and resolve call quality problems promptly.

  • Evaluate Employee Performance:

    You can gain insights into how your employees interact with customers on calls, which is valuable for training and performance reviews.

  • Understand Customer Behaviour:

    Analysing call data helps you understand your customers’ buying habits, allowing you to target your marketing and sales efforts more effectively.

VoIP call analytics

Incorporating VoIP call analytics into your business strategy isn’t just about making and receiving calls; it’s about using data-driven insights to strengthen customer relationships and grow your business.

VoIP Express is here to assist you in leveraging the power of VoIP analytics for your business’s success. Contact us today to learn more and start improving your communication and business performance.

VoIP Report Feature

Turn Virtually Any Device into a VoIP Client

Desktop App

using PC as VoIP Phone | Voip Express

Desktop Access

Access the VoIP Express PBX directly from your web browser. No need to install an app. You can change settings, schedule conference calls, and configure your devices hassle-free.

Desktop App

Turn android devices into a VoIP Phone

Android App

Get the VoIP Express PBX Android app from Google Play. It works on all major Android devices. The app allows you to make calls, put calls on hold, transfer calls, and send text messages (SMS).

Apple App

Turn iPhone into a VoIP Client

iOS App

Our latest addition is the VoIP Express iOS app. With it, you can make and receive calls, manage voicemails, and message your colleagues—all in one convenient app.

VoIP Phone System with Microsoft Teams Integration

If your company uses Microsoft Teams®, discover our seamless integration.


Effortless Calls

Microsoft Teams becomes a special SIP trunk that efficiently sends and receives calls through VoIP Express PBX

Microsoft Teams Integration with Affordable VoIP Phone System


Effortless Extension Calling

PBX extensions seamlessly connect with Teams extensions. This means when calling an extension on the PBX, it simultaneously rings VoIP phones, Teams devices, and apps.


Seamless Incoming Calls

Incoming calls from Teams appear just like they originate from a PBX extension, ensuring a smooth user experience.


Expanded Calling Options

Teams users can now call not only other PBX extensions but also agent groups, hunt groups, paging groups, star codes, and external numbers.


Flexible Routing

Teams extensions can be seamlessly integrated into agent groups or hunt groups, facilitating efficient inbound call routing.

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Learn About VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP Phone System Frequently Asked Questions

How do VoIP phones work?

VoIP phones convert your voice into digital signals, transmit them over the internet, and then convert them back into audio at the recipient’s end, allowing for calls to be made and received over the internet.

What is VoIP, and how does it benefit businesses in Australia?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it allows businesses to make and receive phone calls using an internet connection. In Australia, it’s becoming essential due to the retirement of the old copper line phone network. VoIP offers cost savings, flexibility, and advanced features for businesses.

Can I continue using my existing handsets with a VoIP phone system in Australia?

Yes, you can. Even if your current handsets are not IP-enabled, they can be connected to an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) to work with VoIP technology. This can save you from having to replace your existing hardware.

What are the key differences between a hosted PBX system and a SIP system for VoIP?

A hosted PBX system is hosted and managed off-site by your VoIP provider, reducing maintenance costs and allowing you to manage features online. SIP systems, on the other hand, use VoIP technology but work in conjunction with your current PBX system, often without replacing it.

What internet connection speed do I need for a VoIP phone system in Australia?

For a smooth VoIP experience, a minimum of an NBN50 plan is recommended. This ensures that your internet connection can handle concurrent phone calls without being affected by normal internet activities. Larger businesses may require higher-tier NBN plans. Contact us for Business Internet solutions

What features should I look for in a VoIP phone system for my business in Australia?

It’s essential to consider your business needs, but common features to look for include call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, and the ability to handle multiple concurrent calls. Advanced features may also be available, depending on the system you choose.

Can VoIP phones be used without an internet connection?

No, an active internet connection is essential for VoIP phones to function since they rely on internet protocols to transmit calls. Contact our team for our suggestions on Business Internet connections.